FOODforce network:

  • 10 Universities
  • 13 Research organisations
  • 1 Non-governmental organisation
  • 16 European Countries

About FOODforce

FOODforce “Mission Statement”

FOODforce is a network of leading European research organisations active in the areas of food, nutrition and health.
It recognises that members have broad remits, but share a common interest in multidisciplinary science.  FOODforce provides a proactive forum for discussions on delivery of best practices and societal impact and facilitates international aspects of knowledge exchange and innovation, both within and outside the European Union.

Our objectives are:

  • Provide a forum to facilitate collaborative research amongst members
  • Provide a forum to facilitate interaction with EU secretariats involved in food, nutrition and health research, and food systems
  • Provide a forum to contact, and broaden relationships with, Third Countries relevant to EU initiatives
  • Facilitate and promote mobility of researchers (particularly, early-stage career scientists)
  • Develop and exchange best practices in managing food and health research
  • Facilitate dissemination of information focussed on research-related issues
  • Jointly articulate our mission with the European Technology Platform Food for Life and other relevant organisations

 The FOODforce network is supported by a website.  Currently, the University of Hohenheim, FOODforce Chair (01.01.2018 - 31.12.2019), supplies the support for the website. Official representatives of Third Countries relevant to current EU initiatives and of EU Directorates relevant to the interest of FOODforce can be invited to attend.