International Conference "Transformation of agrifood sector through novel forms of local delivery, digitalization and partnerships" (August 27, 2018 / Gornja Radgona, Slovenia)

Pomurje Technology Park and ITC cluster (DIH AGRIFOOD) are organizing on 27th of August 2018 in the framework of 56th International Agricultural-Food Fair AGRA an international conference with an interesting topic under the title Transformation of agrifood sector through novel forms of local delivery, digitalization and partnerships.


Together with eminent speakers from AGRIFOOD sector from South-East Europe region, we will highlight challenges, solutions and opportunities for the future of agrifood sector, with an emphasis on local delivery of quality food and new forms of cooperation, which shall speed up the process of digital and overall transformation of the sector.


The conference focuses on different stakeholders in agrifood sector, who are taking part in local food production and supply, as well as those looking for local food suppliers (public sector, tourism sector). On the other hand, the whole agrifood sector is heading towards new forms of cooperation in order to be able to respond to increasing demand for increasing production, quality and efficiency. Therefore, the conference is highly interesting for policy level, concrete solution providers, R&D organizations and business support organizations on one hand and farmers, farmer organizations and food processing industry on the other.


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Conference programme
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Sixth International Conference on Sustainable Postharvest and Food Technologie (INOPTEP 2019) and XXXI National Conference on Processing and Energy in Agriculture (PTEP 2019) (April 7 - 12, 2019 / Kladovo, Serbia)

National Society of Processing and Energy in Agriculture (PTEP) and Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad are delighted to invite you to participate in the 6th International conference SUSTAINABLE POSTHARVEST AND FOOD TECHNOLOGIES.


The Conference will be held April 7th – 12th 2019. The Conference will be held in Kladovo town (at the end of an attractive canyon on the Danube – Djerdap, near the border of Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria). The Conference is coorganized and supported by ISEKI - Food Association (European Association for Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge into the Food Chain). The conference is also supported by the following national institutions:

Institute of Food Technology, Novi Sad,

Maize Research Institute “Zemun Polje”, Belgrade,

Faculty of Technical Science, Novi Sad and

Faculty of Technology, Novi Sad.


The presentations cover the traditional following topics:

1. Advances in postharvesting technologies of agricultural products,

2. Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in agriculture and food technologies,

3. Advances in seed processing technologies,

4. Sustainable food and feed technologies (economy, quality, energy, social aspects, integral and

organic production...),

5. Technical and technological aspects of food and feed safety,

6. Advances in food technologies and aspects of food and feed chain quality,

7. Physical properties of biomaterials and food,

8. Education for postharvest and food technologies,

9. Trends of development in agriculture,

10. Management and process control and

11. Heating and air conditions.

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Food Tech Congress 2018 (October 23 - 25, 2018 / Master Center, Novi Sad, Serbia)

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 4th International Congress ‘’Food Quality, Technology and Safety and 18thInternational Symposium ‘’Feed Technology’’ to be held jointly within the framework of FoodTech 2018 event in October 2018, in Novi Sad, Serbia. Our biannual event traditionally combines great scientific content with stimulating lectures, networking opportunities and rich social programme, all sprinkled with smells and tastes of local food.


Nevertheless, food is our focal point - food which provides us enjoyment and balanced and tasty nutrition. In the socially responsible world, the creators of food and feed strive to design food and feed not only to provide good health and long life, but to protect the environment, decrease poverty and, above all, cause consumer satisfaction. Innovation and innovative trends in food and feed science and technology are helping us to fulfil all these demands, and make this world a better place to live.


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IFT-EFFoST 2018 (September 25-27, 2018 / Sorrento-Salerno, Italy)

The workshop, which gathers scientists from academia and industry, promotes the exchange of ideas and the discussion of new developments and possible new solutions in the field of nonthermal technologies for food applications, including high pressure processing.

The topics of the workshop will be:

*Topic 1 – Nonthermal Processes for Better Foods*

 * Food safety and quality
 * Nutrition and health
 * Hurdle technologies
 * Predictive Modelling

*Topic 2 – Effect of Nonthermal Processing on Food Structure and Functionality*

 * Mass transfer improvement
 * Biological, chemical and structural modification of food components
 * Functional foods
 * Food texturization

*Topic 3 – Use of Nonthermal Processing for Sustainability*

 * Agri-food waste valorization
 * Energy, water and waste reduction
 * Nonthermal Technologies in Biorefinery
 * Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Nonthermal technologies in the food industry

*Topic 4 – Nonthermal Processing: Successful Applications and Trends*

 * Large-scale processing and treatment facilities
 * Nonthermal Processes for Regulatory Acceptance and Commercialization
 * Emerging applications and commercial development

On the last day of the event there is a short course with a Field trip planned.

*Deadline for Abstract submission:*


*Deadline for registration:*


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5th International ISEKI_Food Conference (July 3 - 5, 2018 / University of Hohenheim, Germany)

The ISEKI-Food Association (European Association for Integrating Food Science and Engineering Knowledge Into the Food Chain) and the University of Hohenheim are organising the 5th International ISEKI_Food Conference(ISEKI_Food 2018) to be held in Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim, Germany, 3 - 5 July 2018.

The general aim of the ISEKI_Food conference series (Porto 2008, Milano 2011, Athens 2014, Vienna 2016) is to contribute to the creation of an "open" international forum for researchers, education scientists, technologists and industry representatives as well as food consumers, to promote constructive dialogue and collaboration on topics relevant to Food Science and Technology, Industry and Education and to present and disseminate the results of the activities developed by the ISEKI_Food network projects.

We look forward to welcoming you in Stuttgart in July 2018!

The Organising Committee